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A spot of healing for creatives (aka everyone) who wants more ease, play & flow in their lives. 

About the 

Hi Creatives,

I'm Barbara Howlin. For the last decade I've been guiding creative people on how to release limiting stories so you can lead with ease, dive in with more kiddo play and embrace your personal flow to reclaim an abundant life. Sound fun? Hell yes, it should be fun. And yes, it can be easier. Let's dive in to trust our intuition and our own unique path.


So what does that entail and how did I get here? Well, I was one shy kid, constantly in flight-or-freeze mode, that didn't fully blossom and stayed in people-pleasing, co-dependency for... a long time. Yep, I was swallowing a lot of bitter pills. Still, I followed my dream of acting and along that path I first found The Artists Way process of healing. This 12 step artistic recovery book is for *everyone* and I believe we're all meant to be creative in life. For me, it's all about doing it in a supportive (humorous) community so we savor the process - of everything in life - again. Next, for that lil me pictured here in 80's soccer glory, came Reiki shifts. We can tap back in to listen to our body, the energy in and around us, to heal and shift our own flow. And it feels... phenomenal.

Then came the Human Design awareness. Like *boom* it all clicked into place. This energy blueprint of what makes you uniquely you, let me release guilt & old stories to trust my flow. I lit up. With these three things we're opening mind, body and spirit. Slowly but surely, these all led me back to the core of what were always my superpowers. The very things I'd judged, or been made fun of for, as 'weird.'  So, this truth in me honors the truth in you.


This space is to feel the universal buzz connecting us all and to uncover your individual howl. My highly intuitive self wants to aid in finding the delight and flow in your life. I want it all to feel authentically you. And I'm loyal to the belief that we do already have the answers inside of ourselves. But we all need a little loving support to bloom on repeat. Guiding creatives in healing and using the tools of Artist's Way, Reiki & Human Design leave me with a deep, relaxed breath into my 'Hell yes.' If you want to find your Yes, I'd love to meet you.


Actor/Writer ~ Reiki Master ~ Creative Guide


Training & Certifications
Reiki I & II - Moonstone Healing Arts - Auburn Lily
Reiki I, II & Master Certifications - Lisa Powers
Human Design Readings - Jenna Zoe & MyHumanDesign

Sound Therapy & Healing - Soulremember Academy - Tom Llewellyn
Crystal Healing Certification - Moonstone Healing Arts
B.A. in Theatre Arts, Univ. of Mary Washington
10 years guiding actors - At AMAW & Other studios


REIKI & Crystal Healing

Utilizing Dr. Mikao Usui's form of Reiki healing, the body can balance. This is vibrational healing with life force energy. When we work with the spinning wheels of energy along your spine, the chakras, there can be enhanced relaxation, releases of physical pain, of stress and of past traumas. The pure love energy that is Reiki can assist in uncovering your highest self. Feel your flow and lighten that load!

And what strength & beauty comes from weathering the heat & pressure. Crystals created deep in the earth, absorbing huge amounts of energy over times longer than any of us will live. The reciprocity of energy between us can be a powerful thing. For in-person or distanced Reiki, we can embrace working with these allies and shifting our vibrations.

Zoom Distanced Reiki

We'll connect via Zoom to chat directly before Reiki on your intentions. We then conduct the session live there, to also speak when we finish.

45 minutes

Bookings Link Above

In-Person Reiki

We'll meet in person at my space for Reiki. Currently limited to one person per day in the space. Masks required.

~Currently on hold~

1 hour

Bookings Link Above



Barbara is one of those rare individuals that listens with her total attention, with her full heart. She will hear what your body is trying to say, what your spirit is asking for, and she will do it with such ease and so much flow, that when it's reflected back to you, it will feel natural, clear, and like the only loving next right step to take. It's not so much that she tries to give you answers. It's that she brings you to yourself for those answers. 

~Katya Lidsky~

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