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Human Design is arcane sciences with modern integration. It’s your energy’s blueprint for living as your highest self. And oh my, is it a fun rabbit hole to dive in and learn from. We are each unique in how our energy wants to flow and lead us to our purpose in life. With this information, we can release old conditioning and embrace our strategy to hear intuition with greater ease. Cheers to ease!

After readings you'll be hard nodding at this information of what makes you uniquely you, how you can best operate to trust your intuition and simple strategies that suit you in making decisions to feel lit up in life. The great thing about Human Design is that you simply take this info and start experimenting with it in new ways, new decisions in your life.

Watch what can shift.


Like with Reiki, Human Design is not based on any one faith. Instead incorporating ideas from the I Ching, the chakras, astrology, and Kabbalah.

Live or recorded reading options are available. You need to know your time of birth to get your chart.


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It's here! Dive even deeper in the human design rabbit hole. Barbara will ground & simplify it all for you. Whether you want to understand others' flows for collaboration or you're taking first steps to becoming a reader, this is for all of you.

Level 1's live session is over, but you can still purchase both levels. You will get the email recording of Level 1 to watch before hopping on live for Level 2 on Saturday, 12/16. Ready to dive in?

You're invited.

HUMAN DESIGN for Actors & Character Work

Having trained myself and then taught actors for over 10 years, I've now discovered how human design can be applied to deep character dives and bring ease to accepting subtext. The juiciest of choices may already reside in a character's chart. No reaching to the ether to make something up!

If you are playing a real person, we can see where & when they were born to get their exact chart and delve in. If playing a fictional one, I can dissect a script to make a human design chart for you to use to see how their gifts, fear, flow goes. What a fun acting dive this is when we embrace the ease of human design.


Live or recorded reading options are available. If seeking full script readings and a fictional character's new chart made,

contact for rates at

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