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The Players

The Full Story

Lost the play and your way, actors? Yea, a lot of us have - many times. So we started The Players. It’s kept small as scene study for professional actors. This is our gym.

What’s different from all the others classes? Only 12 actors. Guided by an active actor and creative. Getting outside the box- to our own flow, intuition and desires. No hierarchy. All peer encouragement. And only 175/month.

Everyone here is already 'doing it' but we need a space to experiment freely, keep expanding and keep our creative muscles strong. While also celebrating it all together. If you're interested in joining, please fill out the questions at the link below. We'll get back to you shortly.

About Barbara

The Players is guided by Barbara Howlin. While we're a community and all voices are meant to be heard, we all know groups thrive with some loving guidance and someone at the helm. Barbara Howlin has been living and acting/writing in Los Angeles for over 20 years. With her BFA in Theatre Arts from Mary Washington University, she trained with various teachers in the Washington DC area before moving West. And most notable in trainings here in LA, was in Anthony Meindl's Master Class for many years. She's been teaching actors at various studios across Los Angeles, including AMAW, for the last ten years.

As an actor and a guide for creatives, Barbara wants us all to own our personal flow. Not her way, not someone else's way. Your free-flowing way. To create from all the bits that make us - us. And to invite in the enthusiasm and *play* that got us into this in the first place. 

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Wanna play?

Get in touch so we can see if we're a fit. In the message option, please answer:

How long have you been training and actively working as an actor? Where have you trained? And is there something different you're seeking from past trainings & creative communities? Feel free to talk on that. Then paste your IMDB or website link at the bottom.

Thanks for submitting!

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